Eire Born Spirits was founded by mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor, who also serves as the chairman and owns a majority stake in the firm. Launched in 2018,  Proper Number 12 is the Irish Whiskey brand that the company is most famous for.

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  1. A collaboration between Irish MMA star Connor McGregor and former Bushmills distilery manager David Elder.

    Produced by Eire Born Spirits, Connor McGregor's own company.  The whiskey takes its name from the Dublin postal District, number ... Click for more info

    • Distillery
    • Proper

    • Description
    • No.Twelve 12 Connor McGregor Irish

    • Cask Wood
    • Bourbon

    • Packaging
    • Unboxed

    • Bottler
    • Distillery

    • Age
    • Vintage
    • Year Bottled
    • Cask Strength
    • No

    • HTFW Cat. No.
    • LP9941

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