Other Bourbons - Old Crow Kentucky Straight 6 year old

75cl / 750ml / 40%
Product Details
Region / Type
Other Bourbons
Series / Description
Old Crow Kentucky Straight
Year Bottled
6 year old
Alcohol ABV
Cask Wood Type
American Oak
Country of Origin
Screw Cap
Bottle Type
Bottle Size
75cl / 750ml
Neck Level
Full Level
HTFW Cat. No.

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Product Description

This Old Crow Bourbon is a bottle from the 1970's when the distillery was still operational (now a silent distillery and derelict building for over 30 years) and not the low-priced brand of Kentucky-made straight bourbon whiskey distilled by Jim Beam.

The Old Crow brand has a venerable history as one of Kentucky's earliest bourbons.

James C. Crow, a Scottish immigrant, started distilling what would come to be Old Crow in Frankfort, Kentucky, in the 1830s. Reportedly a very skilled distiller, he made whiskey for various employers, which was sold as "Crow" or, as it aged, "Old Crow" – and the brand acquired its reputation from the latter.

The last remaining stock of Old Crow acquired near-legendary status and the whiskey had been, at one time, the top selling bourbon in the United States.

Old Crow is said to have been the favorite bourbon of American writer Mark Twain and journalist Hunter S. Thompson liked it. Twain reportedly visited the distillery in the 1880s, and Old Crow advertised this heavily.