Nikka - Coffey Grain Whisky

70cl / 45%
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Coffey Grain
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Product Description

Nikka Coffey Grain is predominantly made from corn and distilled in a Coffey still (no, it has nothing to do with coffee!). Matured entirely in American oak casks, the complex, sweet and mellow flavors of this expression will help you to discover the beauty of grain whisky. To serve as a ‘Coco Wari’ cocktail, pour 50ml in a chilled glass, fill with ice, top up with coconut water, and stir.

This whisky is an essential part of several of Nikka’s blends, acting as a flavoursome backbone, presenting enticing notes of coconut, butter, exotic fruits, toffee, popcorn, burned toast, citrus. It is a versatile whisky and a great replacement for rum in a lot of cocktails.

Nose: Milky mocha, butterscotch, aromatic spices (nutmeg and cinnamon) fresh leather, coconut, vanilla, ginger biscuits, orange rind, sandalwood.

Palate: Buttery and spicy, crunchie bars, toasted coconut, caramelised pineapple, syrup on pancakes, cinnamon and vanilla.

Finish: Spicy and sweet with syrupy mouthfeel, chocolate, mocha, honeycomb and aromatic.

A sweeter and more syrupy style of japanese whisky but never the less an interesting experiment.

94.5 Points Jim Murray's Whisky Bible