Jack Daniels - Belle Of Lincoln Decanter

1.75 litre / 45%
Product Details
Region / Type
Jack Daniels
Series / Description
Belle Of Lincoln Decanter
Alcohol ABV
Cask Wood Type
American Oak
Original Box
Country of Origin
Glass / Crystal
Bottle Type
Bottle Size
1.75 litre
Neck Level
Full Level
HTFW Cat. No.

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Product Description

Released in 1979

The Belle of Lincoln was originally the name given to a new brand of whiskey made by the Jack Daniel Distillery in the 1890’s, but would also become the name of a commemorative bottle. Known as the Belle Bottle, this commemorative bottle was personally created by Jack Daniel himself and was unlike any before it. It was never mass produced and the few bottles made were given away by Jack as gifts… The Distillery released this commemorative Belle of Lincoln decanter in 1979 filled with 90 proof whiskey, basing its design on sketches and descriptions of how the original bottle most likely appeared.