Drinks by the Dram - The Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar (2019 Edition)

3cl x 24 / 44.2%
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Region / Type
Drinks by the Dram
Series / Description
The Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar (2019 Edition)
Year Bottled
Alcohol ABV
Cask Strength
Cask Wood Type
Various Cask Wood
Gift Packaging
Drinks by the Dram
Country of Origin
Wax Seal
Bottle Type
Bottle Size
3cl x 24
Neck Level
Full Level
HTFW Cat. No.

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Product Description

The Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar is the ultimate gift for fans of all things whisky from the Land of the Rising Sun. Packed with single malts, single grains, and beautiful blends from the finest Japanese distilleries.

Drinks by the Dram has packed this specialist festive spectacular with 24 30ml drams of single malts, single grains and beautiful blends from Japan’s most prominent and prolific distilleries. Whether you’re an avid drinker of Japanese whisky or looking to try a new style, this calendar is certain to fulfil your liquid needs.

- 24 different, handmade 30ml wax-sealed drams

- Explore whiskies from across Japan

- From superb single grain to rare single malts

- Award-winning whiskies from famous Japanese distilleries

- Try some of the most coveted whiskies in the world

Update: Advent Calendars are not applicable for USA Whisky tariff charges, therefore we guarantee there will be no further charges applied when purchasing calendars from Hard To Find Whisky