Drinks By The Dram - FEW Spirits Tasting Set Whiskey

3cl x 5 / 43.9%
Product Details
Region / Type
Drinks By The Dram
Series / Description
FEW Spirits Tasting Set
Alcohol ABV
Cask Wood Type
American Oak
Gift Packaging
Drinks by the Dram
Country of Origin
Wax Seal
Bottle Type
Bottle Size
3cl x 5
Neck Level
Full Level
HTFW Cat. No.

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Product Description

FEW Spirits is an American craft distillery located in the home of prohibition, Evanston, Illinois. Unfazed by such history the distillery even takes its name from the initials of Frances Elizabeth Willard, a local champion of the temperance movement!

FEW Spirits Tasting Set Contents:

- FEW Bourbon

- FEW Rye

- FEW White Dog

- FEW American Gin

- FEW Barrel Aged Gin

Complete with a tasting notes booklet for each dram.

Please note: Occasionally, we do need to make changes to Tasting Sets, so contents are subject to change. However, please be assured that whichever set you order will contain 5 superb samples which will be of an equivalent value to what is listed.