Aultmore - Speyside Single Malt 25 year old Whisky

70cl / 46%
Product Details
Region / Type
Series / Description
Speyside Single Malt
Year Bottled
25 year old
Alcohol ABV
Cask Wood Type
Cardboard Tube
Country of Origin
Bottle Type
Bottle Size
Neck Level
Full Level
HTFW Cat. No.

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Product Description

Nose: knee-weakening stuff. Lovely creamy, malty sweetness to this. A lot of aromas are very complexly, tightly bound together and need patience to understand. Yes, the signature vegetative quality is there, and some lovely apricots, almost pineapple sweetness. A touch of barber’s shop and coconut. Wood shavings.

Palate: my word that’s interesting whisky. The texture is incredible – it’s not exactly heavy liquid, but there’s a buttery, velvet-like quality to this and it’s packed with flavour. This one isn’t going to be rushed: praline, damp cellars, a touch that old wood mustiness. A few caramel notes. Vanilla. Chicory. Apple pie. There’s some heat here: ginger, pepper. It’s truly lovely stuff. And yes, in the distance, an echo from the past, is that grassiness once again. An incredible dram, and one to savour.

So, what of the ‘house style’ that the official bottlings are making as a statement? What is Official Aultmore? This is a sensual whisky. It’s also sits on a different part of the spectrum of whisky tastes, and it probably isn’t in the most fashionable part either. This is not extreme stuff like heavily peated Islay whiskies, or big bruising sherry bombs like GlenDronach or Glenfarclas. Those are whiskies in vogue, where many get their thrills. Aultmore is instead aromatic, floral, earthly, sweet and complex. A thing of the senses, gentle yet packed with flavours.

It is to be savoured, to be patient with, and understood in companionable silence.