Arran - The Bothy Quarter Cask Batch 3

70cl / 700ml / 53.2%
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The Bothy Quarter Cask Batch 3
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Cardboard Tube
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70cl / 700ml
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Full Level
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Product Description

The Arran Single Malt selected for The Bothy was initially matured in first-fill ex-Bourbon barrels before being transferred for secondary maturation into smaller casks also made of the finest American oak for a minimum of 18 months.

This process produces far greater contact between the whisky & oak and a faster, more intense maturation. The end result is a full-bodied expression of The Arran Malt combining power and finesse full of rich vanilla sweetness and bold peppery spice.

Bottling at natural Cask Strength without chill-filtration or artificial colouring of any sort presents this whisky in its purest form.

Small casks would have been a common feature of the Arran whisky trade in the eighteenth & nineteenth centuries as they were easier to handle and transport around the island. With The Bothy we proudly bring this tradition back to life. 

Batch 3 for 2017. 53.2% abv • Limited Edition of 12,000 Bottles Worldwide.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Fresh, grassy barley, custard tart, vanilla icing, wood shavings, sponge cake mix, cinnamon toast, cream soda pop, pineapple juice.

Palate: Tinned pineapple, vanilla ice cream, sour apple sweets, sugared almonds, lime cordial, fizzy spice and firm oak body.

Finish: Custard powder, chocolate lime sweets, sweet and sour chews, grassy-barley sugar, drying vanillin oak.

Batch 3 of the bothy feels like a bit more time in the Quarter casks have given this some firmer vanillin oak, still plenty of classic Arran tropical fruit and spice here.