Ardbeg - Single Islay Malt 17 year old Whisky

70cl / 40%
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Region / Type
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Single Islay Malt
17 year old
Alcohol ABV
Cask Wood Type
Original Box
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Neck Level
Full Level
HTFW Cat. No.

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Product Description

This 17 year old example is now a rare and much sought after Ardbeg bottling.

Very different to most of the recent Ardbegs you may have sampled as it has a much lighter influence of peat smoke, in fact probably all too easy to finish a bottle without even realising!

Sadly this exact less-peated style may never be repeatable as some of the stock in this bottling is much older than 17 years old (or so the legend has it)

Complete with the original box and information booklet.

Our Tasting notes:

Nose: Soft and elegant with the traditional Ardbeg explosion of peat smoke just a cloak around the big tropical fruit, nettles, fresh herbs and oily-tarry ropes. Some peppermint and creamy sea salted gooseberry.

Palate: More fresh and spicy tropical fruit, waxy citrus, salted seaside rock, angelica, fresh garden herbs and celery. A very delicate body for an Ardbeg but a lightness of touch here is still a class act.

Finish: Candied peel, green/mint tea, salted lime curd, herb garden by the sea, lilt pop on a fishing trip, ripe green fruit and a dusting of white pepper and very subtle and elegant peat smoke.

A more Kildalton style release that is so delicate yet still very complex but with the usual Ardbeg peat taking just a cameo role here.