Widow Jane

Founded in 2012 and originally part of a small-batch bean-to-bar chocolate operation, Widow Jane is now a standalone distillery with the mission of producing bourbons and whiskeys that are as unmistakably New York as pastrami on rye.  Named after the widow of a limestone mine owner in Rosendale, Widow Jane Distillery uses the same limestone-filtered waters to distill its artisan whiskeys and bourbons in the heart of Red Hook, Brooklyn, as it contains an unusually high mineral content. The warehousing, ageing, barreling, blending and bottling is all done in-house.  Widow Jane uses non-GMO ingredients and corn varietals such as ‘Baby Jane’ that are  unique to the distillery. While distilling its own whiskies, the team has also released bourbons sourced from Kentucky, brought down to bottling strength with water from the Widow Jane mine.

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  1. Silver Medal winner at the San Francisco World Spirits competition 2019

    A 10 year old Bourbon from Widow Jane in Brooklyn, New York which is made with a core of Wapsie Valley corn. Every bottle is drawn from a Single Barrel, ... Click for more info

    • Distillery
    • Widow Jane

    • Description
    • New York Bourbon

    • Cask Wood
    • American Oak

    • Packaging
    • Unboxed

    • Bottler
    • Distillery

    • Age
    • 10 year old

    • Vintage
    • Year Bottled
    • Cask Strength
    • No

    • HTFW Cat. No.
    • LP9386

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