Whisky By Age - 22 to 29 Year Old Whiskies

Whiskies aged past 20 years have been in the barrel long enough to have imbued the spirit with the complexion and character often lacking in younger bottles, making 22 to 29 year old whiskies some of the most sought-after. Examples of popular whiskies in this age bracket include Glenfarclas 25 Year Old, Bowmore 27 Year Old, and Tweeddale 28 Year Old.

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22 Year Old Whisky

By the time whiskies reach the age of 22, they have taken on a great depth of taste and character. Some of our most in-demand 22 year old whiskies include:

BenRiach - Dark Rum Cask Finish 22 Year Old Whisky

Characterised by its ripe orchard fruits and barley flavours, with complementary sweet dark molasses and exotic spice notes, this BenRiach 22 Year Old is a must-have for whisky lovers. Originally matured in an American ex-Bourbon barrel, its Jamaican-sourced dark rum cask finish gives the whisky an incredibly unique character.

Fettercairn - Highland Single Malt 22 Year Old Whisky

Aged for 22 years in American ex-bourbon casks, this delectable 22 year old Scotch has notes of spiced pear, caramelised orange, and coffee, perfectly embodying the distillery’s penchant for producing tropical tasting whiskies.

Glendronach Single Cask #1376 – 1994 Vintage – 22 Year Old Whisky

A UK exclusive single cask release of a magnificently sherried Glendronach from a 1994 distillation. Only 660 bottles were released, bottled at cask strength following 22 years of maturation in a single ex-PX Sherry puncheon. This expression has natural colour and is non chill filtered with a natural cask strength of 53.2% ABV.

25 Year Old Whisky

The quarter-century mark is an important milestone for whisky, with some of the most popular bottles around from this age bracket. A few of our favourite 25 year old whiskies include:

Longmorn – Secret Speyside – 25 Year Old Whisky

Blending unique insights in technology and craft, Longmorn was designed by founder John Duff in 1894 to create a whisky of outstanding quality. Duff even built a railway station next to the distillery to facilitate supplies getting to the distillery and speed up the finished product getting into the hands of whisky lovers.

One of Scotland’s best kept secrets, Longmorn has long been considered world class by distillers, blenders and connoisseurs, often referred to as ‘every distiller’s favourite apart from their own.’

Bowmore - Islay Single Malt 25 Year Old Whisky

This magnificent whisky fuses the coastal character of Islay with a distinct sweetness and richness imbued from its Sherry cask maturation. Bowmore Islay Single Malt 25 year old’s main flavours include tarry toffee, sweet smoke, and aromatic sherry wood.

26, 27, 28 Year Old Whisky

Not many Whiskies make it to this age before being bottled. There are a number of reasons for this which relate to the structure and taste of the Whisky. As time goes on it becomes more likely that the Whisky can evaporate, lose structure or go underproof within the barrel. As Whiskies age, they are monitored closely and many don’t even have the opportunity to make it to a large age statement. Specific barrels are selected which have a strong potential to successfully create a well-aged Whisky. This is why Whiskies aged over 25 years are fewer in production and subsequently harder to find.

Bruichladdich – Black Art 8.1 – 1994 26 Year Old Whisky

Black Art 8.1 is the eighth release in the iconic Black Art series. Distilled in 1994, this 26 year old Single Malt is comprised of unpeated malts that have been matured in a variety of different cask types, the make up of which is only known by the Head Distiller, Adam Hannett.

This release is exclusive to the UK market, with only 12,000 individually numbered bottles being produced.

Matured entirely on Islay, this is bottled at cask strength with natural colour and non chill filtered.

Peats Beast – Islay Single Malt Scotch - 27 Year Old Whisky

The 27 year old bottling is another belting release from the Peats Beast brand. Another stunning, well-aged Islay Single Malt. Aged for 27 Years in American Oak casks, this perfectly showcases the balance between powerful Islay smoke and delicate vanilla sweetness.

Teeling Whiskey Co. – Vintage Reserve Collection – 28 Year Old Whiskey

Building on the international success of the Teeling 21 and Teeling 24 Year Old single malts, this whiskey consists of the same liquid as the World's Best Single Malt winning 24 Year Old single malt, aged for a further four years. This is a very limited release of vintage single malt whiskey, celebrating the very best that Irish Whiskey has to offer.

29 Year Old Whisky

The age statement on Whisky can be used as a mark of transparency which helps customers to understand what they’re drinking. A loose generalisation often applied to Whisky is that the greater the age, the greater the flavour profile. This is purely due to the fact that it has had more time in the cask and more opportunity to extract character from the cask. The following bottles are some of our favourite 29 year old expressions:

Auchentoshan - Sherry PX Cask - 1988 29 Year Old Whisky

Distilled in 1988 and aged in Spanish oak barrels, this 29 year old Auchentoshan single malt is an incredible sherried whisky with mouth-watering fruit and spice flavours.

BenRiach – Peated Oloroso Sherry Single Cask #7569 1986 29 Year Old Whisky

This expression was distilled in December 1986 and bottled in August 2016 as part of BenRiach’s 13th batch of single cask releases. This expression is highly regarded and hard to find as only 568 bottles were ever produced.

GlenAllachie – Single Cask #2588 1989 29 Year Old Whisky

This gloriously well-aged single cask was distilled in July 1989 and left in a single hogshead cask for nearly 3 decades. It was bottled in 2018 originally as a distillery exclusive, with an outturn of 236 bottles at an approachable 45.9% ABV. The nose and palate feature tropical spice, Christmas cake fruit and chocolate notes.

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